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About DiaperFund

DiaperFund is an organization that distributes free diapers to moms and expectant mothers, to ease some of the cost of raising children. We do not sell or promote products, and we will never ask you to sign up for promotional offers or other gimmicks in order to receive free diapers, as other websites unfortunately do.

Although DiaperFund accepts donations from the general public, we are NOT a 501(c) organization, nor are we, strictly speaking, a charitable organization, as defined by the IRS, or your state/local government. DiaperFund is division of Celerus Corporation, a for-profit, hi-tech company specializing in software and web application design, and online publishing.

How Do We Do IT?

You may be wondering how we generate revenue, given that 100% of the donations we receive go to buying and shipping diapers to our participants. The answer, simply put, is numbers. is one of a number of websites we own that generate a great deal of traffic. Since we are in the business of selling advertising space, the targeted traffic to our network of sites makes our advertising space very valuable. We are able to operate exclusively from the advertising revenue we generate from those numbers.  This also guarantees that we will be able to give away a quota of diapers at our cost each month, in the event that few or no donations are received in a given month.

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