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Welcome to DiaperFund!

After over tens years of regular drawings, DiaperFund will pause its weekly/monthly drawings on February 4, 2023. We hope the pause will be temporary just like it was a few years ago. Thank you for all the support and the opportunity to serve this community. The last three drawings are scheduled for January 21, January 28, and February 4.

We are an organization dedicated to providing free diapers to moms and expectant mothers, in order to ease the cost of raising children.  We are one of a small number of sites on the web that does this.  What makes us unique is that we will never require you to buy a product or service, or wade through an array of promotional offers you really don't want or need just to be able to receive free diapers. Making you jump through hoops  is not our idea of FREE, nor does it seem very charitable!

It's Your Choice

Good-hearted people from all over the world donate to us, and we use that money to buy and ship diapers directly to mothers.  You will never be locked into receiving a certain brand name of diaper, or type.  When you are picked, we will send you either cloth or disposable diapers, in the brand, style, and size of your choice.  If you do not see your favorite brand on our list of available diapers, let us know where to find them and we will send them to you.

How do I sign up?

Just enter your email address below and check your inbox for a confirmation email.  Once we verify that you will be able to retrieve notifications from us, you will be automatically entered into the current month's drawing.  You may enter once a day - using the same submission form. You will only receive an email from us when you win.

Daily Email Entry:

Limit: one email entry per email address per day

Enter Every Day

Although our mission is to buy diapers for as many families as possible, there is always the possibility that the monthly demand for diapers exceeds our monthly donations.  In that event, we will randomly pick individuals that entered in that month according to the available funds.  In the event that few or no donations are received in a given month, we will randomly select winners to receive diapers and buy them at our cost.

Spread the Word!

We encourage you to pass on the word.  Tell your family and friends, the school PTA meeting, women at baby showers, and get chatting on social sites.  Let our name be heard in playgrounds and preschools!  To show you our appreciation for you helping spread the word, we will randomly pick additional winners from the pool of our dedicated fans to receive other prizes such as pre-paid credit cards, fun baby products, women's apparel, and more.

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